We had a yard sale

The move was crazy and messy. Very unorganized. It just seemed like there was no end, that we were never going to finish packing up all our junk. I’m sick of stuff, I have said it before and will say it again, why do we collect stuff? We don’t need half the stuff we own, but why do we keep it for years and haul it from place to place? Enough is enough! I vow to simplify my life and live free of stuff.

So in the spirit of simplification, we had a sale.

A big sale.

The Man’s parents, Papa Bean (as the Bundle calls him) and Mawnie, The Man’s sister and our family united our beloved junk and had a yard sale last weekend.

There was furniture, clothes, plates, books, and little nik naks here are there.

Looking for antique, tin cans? We got ’em.

How about little metal chairs. Yep, come right up, only $3 a piece.

We had beautiful weather, but it did get a little hot after spending hours in the sun. Towards the end of the day, it got windy, too.

The Bundle had a blast.

So did the Pumpkin.

When it got too hot, we headed inside.

To cool off and have a little snack 😉

But The Bundle, she headed for the back yard. Dirt calling her name.

So I followed her, and took pictures.

Lots of pictures.

Lots and lots of pictures.

So we are adjusting to our new phase. I’m still trying to organize our processions, and getting rid of more.


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