5 Months Old

 5 months old!

You are getting so mobile, my little girl.

You do the cutest little thing when you lay on a blanket, you prop your legs up in the air and play with your feet.

You chew on your fingers nonstop and you also can’t stop grabbing anything that comes near you.

You are a Mama’s girl, when Nana was holding you and I walked by, you cried for me because how dare I not pay attention to you!

This month you started sucking your lips after eating, it cracks us up. You also suck your bottom one all the time, silly girl.

And you roll every which way, and you are so curious about everything.

You look around with your big, round, dark eyes, silently taking in the world around you.

You love Big Sister so much, it warms my heart when you start bouncing in my arms and smiling and laughing outloud when she comes near you.

You get mad, literally, when we are eating around you! You’ve tried banana a few more times, and you love it.

You also try to grab my cups of water. While I’m drinking. And make a big mess!

You are so much fun.

You are lovely.


We are blessed.



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