About negativity.

There is a local business in our town that always has little words of encouragement on their lighted sign, they change it every week. Well, this week’s message said something close to “The biggest handicap in the world is a negative person.” That really hit home. The Man tells me I can find the negative in any situation, even in my daydreams. I am not kidding, today on our way to the big city to meet with some friends for lunch, I was dreaming about winning a mountain lodge, and pictured our friends visiting us and planning a big ski outing. In my daydream, I had a cold, so everyone was going to go skiing, except for poor ole me, I had to stay home with the kiddos. See, that’s how bad it is. Even in my daydreams.

I’ve been avoiding writing about this, mostly because I knew that if I did, I would be very negative about it. This blog is an outlet for my creativity, not my negativity, but since it is about my life, sometimes writing about the negative aspects of my life is inevitable. We are moving again. We are moving into my in-law’s. We hope this will make it easier for us to concentrate on our business and alleviate some our financial stress.

I’m doing better with it now. A few years ago, I would have handled it very differently, but I still can’t help feeling like a failure. I also find myself comparing it so much to when we moved to my parents’ house. The Bundle was exactly the same age as The Pumpkin is now, and I am sad because I feel like we will not be able to fully enjoy this fun but fleeting stage in her life, just like the last time with The Bundle. Not that I have anything against The Man’s family, they are great, and we all get along wonderfully, but I like my privacy, and space. I am a homebody, and somewhat of a loner, I love being home with my loved ones. I also have an attachment to the house because it is where my little Pumpkin was born, on a beautiful Sunday night. So peacefully, so beautifully.

So there you have it, I have been absent, and this is why. We are busy, the house is completely upside down, it’s so crazy how much stuff we accumulate without even noticing! It will be good to downsize our possessions. (yay, one positive!)



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