Sand Castles with Water

There is one thing I love more than children playing with a rock: it is mud. There are so many things creative-imaginations can do with mud. It also brings lots of childhood memories of my own. Hours spent under the shade of my grandparents’ big tree in their back yard, making mud soup with my cousins.

I love that The Bundle loves mud.

Or sand castles with water, as she calls them.


It was her idea. We were inside on a warm day, when she asked me if she could play outside in her sand box (or sand pool, since that’s really what it is) and I excitedly said yes.


I went in her room and collected spoons and plates that she could use to make these “sand castles with water” and out we went. She asked me to get her some water and she departed into another world. A world where there are no boundaries, where sipped air tastes so wonderfully delicious. And I snapped away.


I love seeing the way her little mind at work. The utensil she chooses, the way she cuts, pours, dips and she tells me stories the whole time. She has me taste her cake then her sopa. She doesn’t mind her the ice-cold water or her dirty feet.

Then she comes back to real life, and suddenly she notices that she is sitting in the mud. She starts crying “My butt is weeet!”  I take her clothes off and give her a little rinse. I start gathering up to head back inside. I look around…

…And she has run away like a wild child.


One day I’ll take you to the beach, my bundle, and we’ll make real sand castles together.


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