4 months old

My little Gnome, you are four months old today! You are such a sweet baby and such a people person, you find ways of getting our attention just when you want it.

You started teething. Oh boy, that was hard for all of us. You got a fever and were drooling, fussing, irritable, and didn’t sleep for a few nights. I kept waiting for your bottom gum to get red and swollen, but it didn’t happen. Then one night Daddy noticed it, but all the way to the right where your molar should go. It’s still swollen, but it hasn’t broken through, hopefully soon!

You also got another cold, you poor babe. Right in the middle of all your teething issues.  Actually,we were all sick but we are feeling much better now.

You have also become very interested in watching people eat around you. First you stare, then you start licking your lips and flinging your arms, then we all laugh because it’s so darn cute. You do it when I’m drinking water, too, so I gave you your first little taste. You loved it of course.

And my favorite thing you did this month: you reached up and touched my face when we were lounging together in bed. It was beautiful.

You are beautiful, my little Gnome.



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