Snow Storm

Heading uphill, taken from the inside of the car.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a crazy storm sweep through our state. We had a very mild Christmas, in the 70’s, and the next week, BAM, we get rain and snow and cold, chilliness in. It was a Sunday, to be precise, when it rained all day long and we woke up Monday morning to beautiful snow-capped mountains to our north. So we left the desert and headed to the mountains for some snowy fun.

Just about a half hour drive, is a quaint little town with lots of character and picture-perfect view. We walked up and down the main street taking snapping some pictures (well, it was just me, while the rest stayed nice and warm inside the car).

After I got myself a few snaps, we drove to the local park to have a bit of play. It was deserted, of course, the locals don’t know how to enjoy the nice, crisp, white snow, I guess.

Or maybe they knew something we didn’t.

The Bundle played in the swing, then wanted to go down the snow-covered slide. It took a while to explain to her why she couldn’t go down it 😉 . The Bundle was having a blast, even if she was shivering so much and her nose was as red as an apple, she was determined to make a snowman.

“Do you want to go back in the car?”

“Nooo, I wanttt ttto make a sssnowmamaman.”

So we tried, but the snow was too powdery.

We walked around some more — my parents were with us — The Pumpkin was nicely bundled up and warm in Nana’s arms.

Then we got in the car and tried to leave. That’s when things got tricky. Our tires were spinning in the slick, icy, parking lot. My parents got out of their vehicle and helped me push our car while the man tried to maneuver us out. It took a few minutes, but we got out.

Then it happened again.

Trying to turn back onto the main road, we had to stop to wait for the oncoming traffic. On a slope.

It was scary. We started sliding back. We managed to stop and my parents got out again, even the people behind them came to the rescue.

They helped us out, then it was my parents’ turn. They had an easier time with their bigger car. Afterward, we went and had dinner at a local restaurant. All that work made us hungry.

With full bellies, we headed home.


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