Christmas sorta snuck-up on me this year. I don’t know if it was having a brand new baby or going back to work just four days before, it was probably a combination of both. We started making some salt-dough ornaments a couple of weeks before Christmas, but we never painted them or hung them on the tree. We took some family pictures for our Christmas cards, but we never got those done, let alone sent. Maybe I’ll use it for Valentines’ Day. I also baked a bunch of cookies to give them out to family and friends, but, I confess, I ate them all before getting them neatly packaged up. I’m serious, people, I didn’t even wrap The Bundle’s presents until the night before. It was actually 2 in the morning when I got it done. I’m a big time slacker.

This year, we kept it very simple. We don’t buy our kids a lot of presents or anything too lavish anyway, but this year, mostly for lack of money, we didn’t buy anybody else anything. Our plan was for me to make The Bundle a backpack and fill it with paper and crayons for her to color with. I did make her a backpack (finished it on Christmas Eve) but The Man decided to go to Goodwill and get her a helmet for her little bike she got for her birthday. At the last-minute we had a gift card that we used to get her a wooden train. She is obsessed with trains. “Chucka-chucka choo chooooo!”

I had to piece together the wrapping paper to make it work. I like it.

My family’s big celebration is on Christmas Eve, so every year, we go to my parents’ house and have big Mexican dinner, wait until midnight and open presents. Then we drive 30 minutes back home, wake up, have Christmas morning at our house then we get ready and head to The Man’s house and have “another” Christmas there, along with dinner. These pictures are from our Christmas Morning.

Charlie joined us.



One thought on “Christmas

  1. reba

    I love it!! We aren’t big fans of buying the kids a. Ton for christmas anymore! I think society has takin the meaning out of christmas, they want everyone to think its about getting but honestly this year our kids were fine with one thing from us and they know exactly what christmas is about Jesus bday and family! That’s what I want them to grow up looking forward to!


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