Bath Time

Bathtime. Oh what a wonderful thing bathtime used to be. It was a time for laughter, games, giggles and fun. It was also a great indicator that the day was over and  time to relax for the night. Until, one day, out of nowhere, The Bundle beacame completely terrified of taking “showers”.

It wasn’t just your normal fear. Oh no, it created these loud, terrible shrieks out of a short little body.

So we went a week without a bath.

The Bundle, I mean, not “we”. That would be silly.

Then one night I was giving The Pumpkin a bath in the kitchen sink and The Bundle comes over, very interested to know what Baby Sister was doing. “She’s taking a bath” I said, and right at that moment a lightbulb lit up in my head. And at apperntly in hers too, “I want to take a bath in there”.

Yes! I found a solution to our problem.



So after that night, The Bundle bathes in the sink.



And it is fine by me.



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