2 months old

 Pumpkin, you are two months old today!

You still sleep most of the time, but you have started giving out precious little smiles as heart-warming gifts during your waking hours.

You are a squishy, squishy girl, at 6 weeks you weighed over 12 pounds! We could not believe it.

You love it when Big Sister talks to you, you love to talk back.

You are still a great sleeper at night, cuddled right next to Mama.

And you think you are bigger than you are, just this week, you decided to roll over from your belly to your back!


You caught yourself by surprise.


You have added so much joy to our lives these last two months.

We love you Chunky Lunk.


4 thoughts on “2 months old

  1. Snapping Blabber

    I have a special fondness for fluffy babies and yours is just grand! I want to squeeze her and kiss her loveliness.

  2. ss Post author

    Thank you, Helena.

    I can’t believe I have such a squishy baby, I love it. Her older sister was never that squishy, so I’m really enjoying it!


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