A Golden Afternoon


 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we did. We spent the day with The Man’s family, cooking, eating and just having some family time. It was nice. The day after, the girls and I went to visit my parents, The Man was working all day.

I witnessed a beautiful golden afternoon. You know, the golden hour when the sun is getting ready to set and it showers the whole world with these bright streaks of golden light. I have mentioned before how I’m a sucker for sunsets, well, I’m a sucker for golden light too.

After enjoying a delicious dinner, my mom and I went out to collect eggs from the chicken coup. And that’s where this tour begins.


When we were getting the eggs, I noticed how beautiful the lighting was outside, so I ran back inside and grabbed my camera and when I came back, I caught this rooster having a drink.


Then I went around snapping pictures of the chickens that were roaming around.

We finally have some small signs of fall here in the desert.

The oranges are ripening…


And the greapfruits are getting there.


I couldn’t help but take in the majestic creation of our God. Everywhere I looked, there was beauty to be seen…


… especially if I looked straight down 😉


The Bundle also enjoyed herself, running around after her buddy.



She didn’t seem to mind the cold.


Soon the cold did drive us back to the house, but inside myself I felt warm with the beautiful presence of God I had just experienced.


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