Recliners, Water and Goo

Last weekend we had some wonderful and sunny weather, so when The Pumpkin was down for a little nap, we took advantage and went out to wash our recliners. This chore was on my to-do list posted on my fridge before The Pumpkin’s big arrival, but it never got done.

I’m a clean person. I am also a very messy person. I am a first born and like to have structure and organization in my life, but don’t necessarily implement them. The following picture is actually quite embarrasing, please don’t judge.

Yes, the headrest is black. Sticky. And hairy. So, yes, we really needed to clean these recliners. I will have to mention that this is The Man’s seat, and that nasty sticky goo comes from his hair gel. Just in case you were wondering ūüėČ

The Bundle is quite the “helper”, she enjoys helping me with dishes and making tortillas and now “washing” recliners.

I left¬†one of the recliners¬†out to dry¬†overnight because¬†it was¬†still a bit damp, usually in the summer they would have been nice and crispy in an hour. The next morning we woke to some beautiful rain. And a —¬†once again — wet recliner! It’s currently sitting in our garage, still drying out, because we haven’t had much sun since then. Oh well, at least the goo is gone.


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