A Big Girl Bed

We’ve been slowly-but-surely working on turning The Bundle’s “play room” into a bedroom, one that eventually both the girls can share. We started spray-painting a book-case that was formerly black, right now it’s sitting in our garage with a transparent shade of tangerine. We’ve also painted the walls a nice teal-ish color. Mawni graciously did most of the work since I was super pregnant. I also have big plans of making the bedding myself, a beautiful patchwork quilt using Heather Bailey fabric that I’ve already picked out. All I need is time and motivation to actually learn to quilt! Another great piece that I had in mind was a beautiful toddler bed that I wanted to make myself. I found it on this blog. There was only a slight problem, I have never worked with wood before and I had no equipment either, so when my parents mentioned that they wanted to buy The Bundle a “big girl” bed without knowing I was already planning on making one, I jumped on the opportunity and asked my dad if he would like to make it himself. I sent him the plans and the supply list and not too long after he and my mom brought us this:


The beautiful bed! My parents worked a whole afternoon (my brother also helped) and were able to finish it. Now all I have to do is paint it. At first, I wanted it white, but now I am not so sure, it would also look great with a nice stain to match the toy box. Any suggestions?

Tata showing the Bundle how he made the bed.

The Bundle loves it. The hard part will be getting her to sleep in it 😉

She has no problem doing it with Tata, though 🙂


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