1 month old

My baby girl, you are one month old today.

I know I’m going to say this every month, every week, but it’s going  by too fast!

You sleep “through the night” since you were two weeks old, from about midnight to six in the morning.

I think you love cuddling with me at night just as much as I do.

You grunt. Loudly.

You’ve been to church twice. And today you became a big cousin.

You are growing out of your newborn diapers I made you.

You are my Squishy Pumpkin.

We are all head-over-heels for you.



2 thoughts on “1 month old

  1. GG Henry

    Ilove this picture of Pumpkin, she is growing so fast and it is so neat how you are recording her life as well as Bundle, they will cherish it as they get older. Can see and Kevan being big buddys and the rest of the kids also, what a blessed family. love you all GG


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