Chicken Feed Cupcakes and the Scariest Day of my Life

 The Bundle loves to play outside. And I love her playing outside. Especially lately that we’ve been stuck inside too much, due to the little Pumpkin (but don’t worry, we still love her). I hate that we have been watching too much t.v. and I feel guilty even saying this, but when the Bundle wakes up too early and I need a few more zzz’s I put on her favorite show “Caillou” so I can sleep a little longer. So I try to get her out of the house as much as these days allow.

 She’s been ejoying the empty garden that we never got around to preparing for the “second spring”. Making chicken-feed cupcakes. Yum, anyone care to try some?

 And what happens when I don’t get her out to play? She goes out herself.


Last Friday was the scariest day of my life. I was in the bathroom, taking advantage of the Pumpkin’s little nap, when I didn’t notice the Bundle opened the front door and went outside. When I came out of the bathroom, I looked all over the house for her, to no avail. So I went outside, maybe she was in her sand box? Nope. In the garage? Nope.

Then I noticed Charlie, our dog, was gone.

Oh no, I thought.

So I walk around the house, looking and calling her name. And Charlie’s. A week earlier, the Bundle had taken off running after Charlie, chasing her down our driveway. Charlie likes to go have little expeditions to the desert. I started to panic. And wail. She had done it again. I was sure of it.

I go back inside the house making sure she wasn’t in there then I go back outside and I see our neighbor that lives across from us and ask her if she had seen her. She hadn’t but she started looking with me. She asked me if I had called the police, I hadn’t thought about it. I went back inside the house, grabbed my phone and loaded the Pumpkin in the car. I told the lady I would go up the street and she said the would go down the hill. I start driving uphill, but stop right before going over it, to ask the other neighbors that live behind  us. There was a man working on their roof, I run to him, trying to compose myself enough to ask him if he had seen a little girl, he hadn’t but started looking with me right away. Then I call the police. And right away, after I tell them about what happened, they tell me they have located her. What a relief! They were sending an officer right away, but they wouldn’t tell me where she was. When the police comes by, he passes our driveway and keeps going uphill, so I follow in my car, and right over the hill I see a car pulled over and a lady sitting in the sidewalk with The Bundle and Charlie. I park the car and run to her. “Thank you! Thank you!” I cry out to the lady and run and hold my precious Bundle in my arms. She was happy as can be, making new friends. I talk to the officer and all is well.

So what happened? The lady and her husband were driving down our street, towards our house, when they saw The Bundle in the middle of the street walking after Charlie. So they pulled over and called the phone number on Charlie’s tags, but it’s not our number, it was her previous owners’. So then they called the police.

I am very grateful, somebody could have easily missed her and ran her over! I get chills just thinking about it.

Needless to say, we are now making sure we lock both locks. So the little bugger can’t escape.

And that was the scariest day of my life.


Like her outfit? She picked it out herself 😉


2 thoughts on “Chicken Feed Cupcakes and the Scariest Day of my Life

  1. GG Henry

    PTL she was ok,the little buger those can be some scary moments as the mind wondering on what could have happen, but God has his hands on her, they can get away in a flash. luv gg


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