It’s here, it’s here!

It’s amazing how dramatically a little brown box can change your mood.

The Bundle and I were having lunch yesterday, when we heard the mail truck driving down our driveway. I looked out the window and sure enough, there it was, my sweet little package. My birth kit.


“Come on, Bundle! Let’s go get Mama’s birth kit!” So we get our shoes and head outside. Then The Bundle calls Charlie, our dog, “Charlie, come, we get Mama’s birf it.”


And here it is, in all it’s lime-green-glory.



In case you are wondering what a birth kit may contain, here is a little peek inside. It contains mostly absorbent pads of all sorts, shapes and sizes and a few necessities for the Pumpkin.





Some of us are very enthralled with this green tote.


We even lay and keep it company. Yep.



Later that afternoon, The Bundle said my favorite sentence she’s ever spoken out of her mouth:

“You cited, Mama, you cited? Bay Thither coming in the water soon!”



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