Crafty things on my mind


I’ve been busy, busy, busy sewing tiny diapers. Hopefully one day I’ll get a snap applicator and will be able to add snaps to these. I also made one for The Bundle the other day, she kept asking if all the little ones were hers, and she was getting sadder after every single one. So I let her pick a color, she picked red, and I made her one. She was so excited the next moring that when we got to Nana’s house she had to show her “the red one”. Later that day, Nana called me to tell me that The Bundle wanted another red one 🙂


I have also ventured into new paths. I sewed my first zipper the other night. It seemed such a difficult task in my mind, but after sewing the first one, I fell in love! It’s so easy, so I decided to stay up even later that same night and make another make up bag.


I’m getting ready to stock my new Etsy shop with purses and make up bags. You know, I gotta have an income of sorts when I’m on maternity leave!



So long for now!


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