Trying to beat the heat and imgination stimulation.

I’m sure every parent has had those days. Those days when you and your kids are stuck inside, bored out of your mind, sick of each other. This was one of those days.

It’s been so hot that I have been avoiding stepping out as much as possible. Feeding the chickens usually happens first thing in the morning and that’s about as far as we go all day. I was bored and grumpy, I could tell The Bundle was in need of some “imagination stimulation” or play, as they call it. The park was out of the question, her little tush would burn as soon as it touched those slides. The pool, well, Mawni has a pool, but that required driving. In an oven hot car, even if just for five minutes. Then, I don’t know how it happened, but –my brain does really work at times– I thought of paint! This child loves to color and draw. So off to the garage we went to paint.

Problem solved. We got out of the house (yes, the garage does count!) and we were doing some imagination stimulation.


So here is how it happens:

First, you gather all the supplies. You know, stuff like paint, paper, brushes and water for washing the brushes.



Then you take your child and let go. That’s it. You soon discover it doesn’t take long before sparks begin to fly. The wheels start turning.


Our job as parents is not to entertain our kids, but rather find means for them to learn, play and discover.


After starting on her second paper, I suggest using her finger to paint. And the boundaries of creativity are extended.


But she prefers the brush, so she goes back to using it.


It was about this time when the sweating got to us. So I took out a fan to get some air flowing.

Somebody was very curious.

Or maybe just very, very hot.



Aaahh… much better.


She continued exploring the fan, looking at the back of it, trying to figure out where the air was coming from. After a while, she went back to paint., and eventually we ended our “outing” and went inside to cool off.

It was a good day.


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