Lavender Sachet

 Lavender… mmm. I used to hate the smell, but that’s because I had never smelled real, fresh lavender. I’m enchanted with the smell of lavender lately. My mother got me this bundle at a farmer’s market, it was a sweet surprise.   

 For quite a while now, I’ve been buying these paper lavender sachets to use as a “dryer sheet”, they contain real lavender and they are supposedly imported from France, so you can imagine they are pretty pricey, even with the employee’s discount I get them at. They leave your laundry smelling delicately of lavender, which is very important to me, because I hate when your clothes have an overpowering scent, even if it’s “good” scent. I’ve always hated the smell of fabric softeners and dryer sheets, and I really detested them when pregnant with The Bundle. So these lavender sachets have been a pretty good alternative, but there was one slight problem. I could only use them a handful of times before the paper became too fragile and ripped in the dryer leaving quite a mess of lavender buds all over the laundry. This happened a few times before I finally concluded that it would be so much better if they were made of fabric instead of paper.  

So when my mother surprised me with that bundle of fresh lavender you can only guess the first thing that came to my mind!  I enjoyed the fresh bouquet in jar for a couple of days then I set it outside to dry for a few more. This whole bouquet yielded a 4 inch by 2.5 inch sachet of flowers for my laundry. I have used it several times now and I love it! A great, fresh, natural way to bring some scent to your laundry. I’m even thinking of trying out one made with rosemary, I have tons of rosemary bushes in the yard.


4 thoughts on “Lavender Sachet

  1. itsabeautifullife

    It’s so cute! Great idea! I’m almost out of laundry detergent & softener so here shortly I am going to try my hand at making detergent and this is a great softener idea! Untill I learn how to sew 😉 you should make these and sell them to me 😛 lol. But really you could totally sell these on Esty!!

  2. ss Post author

    Thanks, it doesn’t really soften the clothes, it just leaves a nice smell, but I love it anyway. A good natural fabric softener is vinegar, just put some in the rinse cycle and your clothes come out whiter, and softer.

  3. Tanya Grantham

    You are so creative. Do you sell any of your inventions? I would definitely buy these lavender sachets from you. I am sensitive to chemical smells and can only do natural scents so I stay away from all scented detergents and fabric softeners. They make me nauseous even when I am not pregnant.

    Do you sell the cloth diapers too?

  4. ss Post author

    I don’t sell anything yet, I am starting up an Etsy store pretty soon, mostly fleece covers and purses, but I’m open to more if the public demands it 🙂


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