Working the garden

Welcome to our garden 🙂

Here it is all bare and empty, when we first moved in, there were two squash plants, four corn, some peas and one tomato plant left, but since we live in the desert and anything of the sort is a delicacy to the wildlife, it didn’t last long! We’ve started enclosing the whole thing  with chicken wire, so the birds will not get in.

The only surviving plant is this tomato, so we have it protected with high technology security: a crate.

Because of our mild year round temperature we have what is called a “second spring”, a second opportunity for planting! It’s coming soon, I read somewhere that you should start planting in July to have harvest time around September and October, so we are preparing the garden. We thoroughly watered the soil to loosen it up and add some rows to it. The Bundle particularly enjoys the watering part, and she’s good at it, too. 

Notice her “concentration finger”.

The Man is hard at work here, I tried helping out but they didn’t leave me any work 😉


One thought on “Working the garden

  1. h0m3gr0wn

    How exciting! We are going to plant lots of different pumpkins and decorative squash for the Fall season 🙂


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