“The” getaway

So here it is, the tale of our “getaway”. I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should post this since it’s been almost two weeks since we went. But, what the hey, here it is.

We arrived Sunday evening, to a wonderful golf resort, where we stayed two nights for free, thanks to my in-laws. They have a time share and needed to use up some points, so they got us a room. They also went along to this little getaway, little did I know it should have been more aptly called a “golf trip” because that’s what the men were planning 😉


The condos were really nice, here you see our wonderfully comfortable king size bed. Mmm, I wish we had a nice big king bed, we would have more room for The Bundle to fight for everybody to stretch out at night.  


The place was bigger than our last home, it had a sitting area, dining area and kitchen, complete with all the pots and pans and plates, and a washer and dryer!

I actually did take a bath, who could resist a jacuzzi tub in your room?

And would you look at these arches, I love the entryway!


My mother-in-law gave me my first-ever facial, all natural, too. Yogurt, pineapple, anyone?

On the second day (or first full one) she treated me to my first-ever massage, man, it was good!

And of course, The Man golfed. There he is, you see him? Right in the middle of the picture, he is waving. I took this from our balcony.



Later that afternoon we went to a nice bakery/farmer’s market, they had all kinds of “yummies”.

On our last day/morning, we enjoyed some papaya and nice fresh bread we got at the market and set out on our journey home.


We had a nice pleasant, restful time, but isn’t funny that when you go on vacation, when you go back home you actually need a vacation to rest from your first vacation?


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