A very successful unsuccessful birthday

 I would love to tell you that because I started over a month in advance with the preparations that I actually had everything under control and didn’t have to stay up late into the night getting ready for this party. I would love to tell you that I’m not a procrastinator, but I can’t. Because I am. 

Some of the stuff had to be done that night, like the 144 tortillas I made for the meal, but remember the flowers? yep, they were for a birthday banner, and it was done then, too. I also finished her dress the morning of, except for I didn’t add buttons, I used handy dandy safety pins.

And some things, well, some things I didn’t get to finish at all. Like this piñata.



And the Bundle? The poor Bundle got sick two days before the main event, I spent all of Thursday nursing her sickness. She slept all day, woke up around 2:30 p.m. seemed lively for a couple hours and went back to sleep, for the night, at 5 p.m.


 Saturday morning arrived and the Bundle seemed to be doing much better. We ran a few errands then my mother got there late in the morning to help with the food.

The goody-bags were filled,



the cake was baked, 

and the Bundle… well, she throws up, to be precise.  So, I had to make a decision one hour before the guests were to arrive (some where already here, like my family). I had to be a responsible parent and warn the other parents that I had a sick-as-a-dog birthday girl, so I cancelled. I couldn’t stand having other little kids being around the Bundle and risk them getting sick. It was heartbreaking.



But the food was done, Nana and I had slaved for several hours cooking up the “fatties” (gorditas), so we went ahead and had a little celebration with my family and The Man’s family.


It turned out great. The Bundle didn’t throw up after that one time, she actually was acting fine and happy to see her favorite people all gathered up.



 Well, sometimes she did look a bit grumpy.



But don’t worry, the cake fixed her up 🙂



So what could have been a complete disaster turned out all right.  Even if the wind blew my birthday banner away…








3 thoughts on “A very successful unsuccessful birthday

  1. GG

    Siliva,, the food look great, how is the little one doing now, the dress is so cute you are just too much, all the neat things you can and do. Hope she is feeling better now and you did not get it, you are a good mommy. love you GG

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