Dear Bundle



 My Happy Girl, 

Yesterday, you turned two. All day I had this mixture of feelings inside me: joy, pride, and sadness. Joy, because your special day is a sweet reminder of how our lives changed dramatically, that Sunday night. You came into this world and turned it right side up, you have brought so much joy to Daddy and I.  Pride, because I’m a mom, and I can’t help feeling pride everyday. You never fail to amaze me with each new accomplishment. And sadness, well, because you are turning into your own little person, and you definitely let us know what you want and when you want it. You are no longer the tiny bundle I first held in my arms, you are starting to depend less and less on us. I will miss those beautiful times. 

These two years flew by! I can’t believe you are talking so much, I’m thoroughly enjoying this stage. Only a couple of months ago you used to call your cousins “chukins” and I found it so cute! Now you actually say cousins, I will miss your chukins. You are also so caring, on a five hour ride to GG’s house you spent about one of them going around asking all passengers  if they were okay. 

“You okay, Sissy?” 

“Yes, I’m okay” 

“Okay. You okay Uncle Nonan?” 

“I’m okay” 

“You okay Daddy?” 

“Yes, I’m okay” 

“You okay, Mama?” 

“Yes, I’m okay, thank you.” 

That’s how it went, over and over again. Beautiful. And we better answer you, if not, you ask again, and if we are “not okay” you keep asking until we feel okay. Oh and your singing, how I love your singing. You feel most inspired riding in the car, just the other day you sang a “Daddy, Mama, Bundle” song, my favorite so far.  You get so into your singing and sound more like you are crying out in pain, especially when you wrinkle your whole face. But, really, I love it. Keep it  coming. 

Now that we moved to a new house, you have your own room, we tried having you sleep there (I would lay down with you until you fell asleep in your bed) but after the third night of you waking up screaming, scared out of your mind, I had enough. You are back in our bed, you are welcomed there any time. We might have to bring your crib in there and keep it right up to our bed, you are a crazy sleeper. Often, in the middle of the night you yell at me and fight me over my pillow, forcing Daddy and I to share one, you little angry elf :). You do have Mama spoiled, though, because you are a good sleeper and wake up around 8 or later, most days, but sometimes you wake up at 7 in the morning screaming for “yoku” (yogurt), when you were smaller it was a Babba, then when we weened you from bottles you would just scream “I want miiilk!” Lately, you have changed it up a bit and ask for “butter  pan” (peanut butter bread) or even “aw shauce” apple sauce. My favorite was a few months back when you waited for Mama to open her eyes and said “I want huevo wiff cheese” (egg with cheese), you do love cheese.

I can’t wait to discover what adventures you have planned for us next. It’s an honor being your mother. I lovee, my Bundle.





5 thoughts on “Dear Bundle

  1. Rhonda

    Awe…..How very sweet!!! I am amazed at your talking and your sweet caring ways. I love seeing you Bundle. Silvia this is very sweet. These times are definitely times to cherish/////. Love ya Mawnie

  2. ss Post author

    She is actually learning it at my parents’ house, my mom tries to only speak to her in Spanish and she most of the time responds in English. She is starting to say more phrases, but most of the time she only says it at their house. It’s funny, I think she knows that they speak a different language.


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