Peach Pickin’

There is a peach orchard about 10 minutes outside of our town. Can you believe we had never been there?! What were we thinking! The Man was working so The Bundle and I brought Auntie Sissy along. The orchard is family owned, very homey feeling. We are greeted with this lovely sign.

 We didn’t have to honk because the lady working was just saying good-bye to a customer, so she helped us right away. She was a very nice lady, took us to a part where there were about 5 trees that had a lot of ripe peaches ready for picking, she said it’s the very beginning of the season and most of them were not ready yet. She had us taste a “perfect” peach and feel so we would know what we were hunting for before she left us to ourselves.

The Bundle loved it, she finished the first peach then while I wasn’t looking she picked herself another one. It was perfectly ripe, too!

I was very proud of myself for going prepared with two totes to store the peaches in, but the lady said we should use the shallow box she provided because otherwise the peaches will get smashed if we put them in our bags. You always learn something new…

We had a great time, the Bundle, like always, at the sight of other “kits” she can’t resist running after them. I know we will definitely be going back soon! Apples will be ready in July, they also have grapes, pomegranates and blackberries. Normally you pay by the pound, but I wonder if they would let us pay by the hour, I really just want to go there and sit under a tree and have a peach feast. There’s  nothing better than freshly picked fruit. Mmm.

We paid, and went home to make some peach cobbler. It was gone too fast to get a picture 😉


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