The new house

This is our view from our deck. I love it.

We’ve already had family over for dinner in our awesome deck, we moved right on time, the beginning of summer. I have a feeling there are a lot more fun times to come.


I think our chickens are a little bit lonely as they are all hens, I may have to bring them a rooster from Nana’s farm 😉


They seem to lay an average of two eggs a day, but the little buggers peck them and break them (and possibly eat them). I have to check several times during the day and make sure to take the eggs out as soon as they lay them.

 The Bundle loves her chickens! She was terribly afraid of Charlie, our dog, but she had no trouble going into the chicken coup and feeding them. She’s a good little helper, never mind that right after I took this picture, she dropped and broke the egg 😉


We are loving the new place. We are trully blessed.



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