The Messy Move.

Is everyone else this messy when they move? I’m not the most organized person in the world…

By the last day, I ended up just picking up random items and throwing them in boxes.

 I was a little sentimental on our last night. We slept on the mattress on the floor. Notice The Bundle’s crib, which usually is set up right up against the bed, we tried it that night, but she ended up falling on me in the middle of the night :).

One of the last things to go was the computer, of course.



2 thoughts on “The Messy Move.

  1. itsabeautifullife

    Haha yes, let’s all blame it on the Pisces! No matter how much I attempt to be organized I always end up procrastinating way too much when it comes to moving…amongst other things! I have no sense of time sometimes. 😛 On the very last day of moving I always have a few boxes of random things from all over the house too! lol


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