I apologize

We are having issues with our modem, I was just on the phone with technical support and they will have to send a technician out here to take a look. That will not be until tomorrow. In the mean time, I will leave you with a funny story, or scary — depending how you look at it.
The Man had to go to out for a bit to practice music (he is part of a singing group and they have two concerts this weekend), as soon as he left I went to lay down with the Bundle, hoping to get to blogging as soon as she was asleep. Well, as usual, I fell asleep. Two hours later The Man comes back and turns the bedroom light on and wakes me up and asks if I didn’t hear him banging, yelling and lots of other things trying to get me to wake up because he didn’t have a key to get in. Nope, I didn’t hear him. At all. So what did he do? He broke into the house.
No biggie, we had to brake in a number of times at the last place. Right? Well, I got to thinking and what if a burglar was breaking in? No sound in the world would have woken me up and The Bundle and I would have been in trouble. Scary thought. Yes, very.

In the morning we have a very important appointment to attend to. Here is a hint: it has something to do with The Pumpkin :). Good night!


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