Cutting, tracing, drawing, sewing, planning… and moving!

Here’s a heads up on what’s coming ahead, and a little insight on what I’ve been busying myself with. Usually I work on my projects at night, after the Bundle is asleep, but lately (not going to point finger’s but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with a little Pumpkin growing inside me) I’ve been having a hard time staying awake while I lay with the Bundle and wait for her to fall asleep. I think I fall asleep faster than she does. When sleep doesn’t overtake me, I work on my projects.

The Bundle is turning two! In a month, to be precise, so I’ve been busy cutting, tracing, drawing, sewing, and planning.


Her party will be a sunflower theme. I love sunflowers, and she is still too young to choose her own theme, so I took on the task.  These will become a birthday banner.

 And to add to list, I am making another banner. These fabrics will be turned into a flag banner. I’ve cut them into triangles and am now in the process of sewing them, they will bring a nice burst of color to the Bundle’s celebration.

I was already trying to figure out how I would find the time to finish everything when we find out we are moving! Yes, moving! I don’t know how it always happens, but these moves always seem to plan themselves. We were not planning on moving out of our one bedroom duplex even when the new baby arrived, but I guess God had other plans. We are moving to another house, here in our same town, but it’s a two bedroom and we will have so much more room to stretch out! We are excited, but not looking forward to the actual move.



Apparently, there weren’t any up for finding a name for The Man, so there’s another task I have for myself 😉


4 thoughts on “Cutting, tracing, drawing, sewing, planning… and moving!

  1. itsabeautifullife

    A sunflower themed party is adorable! And it is is so neat that you are making the decorations instead of buying them. That makes it all oh so much more special!

    And congratulations on the move!! I am so happy for you guys!!! With the extra room it will make the “nesting” stage even more enjoyable! 😉

  2. ss Post author

    Thanks, we are really excited! I was hoping the nesting stage would kick in this week to help me with the packing/organizing, but I’m afraid it’s too early for it. But at least it will come and I will have a new house to work with!

    And yes, I love making decorations, I’m making her invitations, too. 🙂

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