Potty Time

A couple of weeks ago, The Bundle decided it was time for her to be a “big girl” and use the toilet. One morning she sees me open my eyes and says “I toilet”, still half asleep I ask her, “Do you have to use the toilet?” and she assures me she does, so I get up and take her and sit her down. I teach her how to sit and make sure she holds herself up. I leave the bathroom door open and say “Mommy will be in the bedroom,” and wait patiently. I honestly did not think anything would happen, we’ve been reading a book about going potty for a while and she seemed very interested, but again, I didn’t think anything would happen. Then, I hear the sweet sound of running water. I couldn’t believe it! She was actually going! I rushed back to the bathroom and clapped and cheered for her and her sweet pee.

That was that, from then on she continually asked us to go potty, but besides the first time, she never went. She would say she was done as soon as she sat down. Then, last week at church, I was walking by the nursery and I saw one of the workers taking her to the bathroom. I told the teenage girl that she didn’t have to because we weren’t really training her yet. She took her anyway, but The Bundle didn’t go. Then The Smart Man, told me that we should just go for it, if she is interested then, “this is it, we are potty training now.” This guy truly makes up for my lack of common sense!

After that, whenever she asked to go, we took her. I’m no expert, I don’t really know all the “rules” of potty training, but like most things, when it comes to parenting, I just do what feels right. So, a week after deciding that we are officially potty training, this Bundle comes to me, once again and says “I poopoo”, I thought she had already gone in her diaper, so I tell her to lay down on the bed so I can change her. She does as told and when take it off, she is clean. The lightbulb goes off in my head. “Do you have to go poopoo in the toilet?” She say yes and off we go to the toilet. I sit her down and leave the room. I let The Man know that, for the first time, she says she has to poopoo in the toilet. “I doooone,” she says, “Push some more,” I say, because it hadn’t been long enough, she pushes and then I get her off. And there they were (this was better than pee) three little floaties in the water! I jumped up and down and high-five her, and yelled to The Man as I’m running to get my camera.


 I never knew how much excitement poop could bring.

There they are, you see them, Bundle?


With all the excitement, I forgot to do the mandatory wipe. So we do that, and just like in her book, she gets to “Flush, flush, flush” or as she says it “Fush, fush, fush”.




And here they are. In all their glory.



Did you think you were going to get away without a look? 😉


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