A pancake birthday

I had one of the best birthdays. We had a lazy morning at home. Enjoying banana pancakes.

And blueberry pancakes.

The Man made me a heart pancake ♥

The Bundle enjoyed.


Later, when I took a shower, I found a little surprise waiting for me. From The Man, of course.

Some would find this offensive. Why would your husband call you names? I see it this way, this little message shows me that he cares. He took his time to let me know I was being “gay” or stupid. I don’t remember the argument now, but we had one before he went in the shower, when he came out, it was my turn, I laughed hysterically when I saw it. It completely erased the argument from my mind. It worked. Thanks, The Man! 😉


That evening, The Man and I went out to sushi. A perfect finish for a perfect day.


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