Azodicarbonamide-free bread

The other day, on one of the parenting boards I’m a member of, we were discussing whether it is safe to eat at Subway, one of the healthiest fast food restaurants. Well, I love Subway, I try not to eat there too often because they serve mainly lunchmeats, which contain nitrates. Now, this was a pregnancy board, and pregnant women are advised to stay away from lunch meats unless fully heated, to reduce the chance of listeria, that alone is reason enough to stay away. One lady, though, brought something to light that I had never heard of, it’s called azodicarbonamide, this hidden chemical added to most breads. Also known as ADA, this chemical is described as a food additive and a flour bleaching agent, but what the FDA knows and doesn’t seem to care about is that it is a respiratory sensitizer which means it can be a cause of asthma. ADA is banned from being used in most countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. Singapore has a $450,000 fee for anyone found using it! Why in the world is it still allowed in the U.S.?!
So I decided that I will make my own bread from now on, I can’t even trust my “all natural, 100% whole wheat” store-bought bread. After all, how hard can it be to make bread yourself? Ha! It turns out pretty hard if you don’t know how to knead dough! 

I present to you my lovely bricks loafs. After three hours, the buggers never rose.






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