Watering the plants.

We have been enjoying pleasant afternoons at home. It is the perfect time to water our beautiful vegetable plants that have recently started  sprouting.

I’m preparing ahead of time, I have them in little planters right now, but after there is no fear of a frost I will transplant them to my awsome planter I built. I will have to post about it soon!


The bundle is a good little helper. Notice the pot is intact, but there is water everywhere else.

 So there we were, watering and having a good time, when all of a sudden I hear something fall. And something break. I looked over and realized that somehow the Bundle knocked over the parsley. At first glance, the scene was not promising, there was dirt and broken peices of pots all around. After a bit of inspecting I realized that what had broken was the bottom part of the pot. Phew! The parsley itself did suffer a tad but, don’t worry, I got it back on its feet :).  


 As for the Bundle, I gave her something else to do. She adjusted well. 🙂


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