Diaper Makin’

I finally conquered my idleness.

So, diapers. Yep, like I said wrote before, I’ve been sewing diapers for the bundle. It started out as fun but what do you know, a few weeks later I find out a new little critter is making it’s way into our lives and now I’m going into full panic mode. I need more diapers! Lots more! We’ve almost made the switch, and the best part, my mother is totally on board with it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work when she watched her, but she is really excited about it.

I plan on starting the Pumpkin (the one on the way) on prefolds with a few covers. Then maybe I will have made enough for the next stage.

What about the washing and clean up, you may be asking yourselves? Well, I got myself a bucket with a lid, I will keep the dirty diapers in water and a bit of white vinegar in between washes. As for the washing part, hopefully every two to three days, a pre wash in hot water then a full cycle in hot water as well. Easy.

I hope 😉





4 thoughts on “Diaper Makin’

  1. itsabeautifullife

    So is this an actual diaper or a diaper cover? I have decided I want to try to make everything: diapers, diaper covers and wipes from scrath myself! 🙂 I figure if I make my own vs. ordering premade I will be able to have many more for less money than if I ordered them premade. Plus they will be made with LOVE! 🙂

    P.S. I love the floral pattern!! Have I ever told you how lucky you are to have a…I mean two!!…little girls?! 😉 lol

  2. ss Post author

    It’s an actual diaper, I used the same pattern I sent you. Do you have a sewing machine? you should keep your eyes open at yard sales sometimes you can get a really good find! I found one for my friend some months ago for $10!

  3. itsabeautifullife

    Your diapers are so cute no need for a cover! 🙂 I will keep a look out for a sewing machine!!! Have you switched to cloth wipes also? I think I’m going to start making those asap because they seem simple enough to sew by hand. Don’t tell anyone 😉 but I’m going to ask Mister Mister to show me how to sewl! haha!!

  4. ss Post author

    Thanks! I don’t wear a cover at home, only for naptime and night time. Yes, I use cloth wipes, I made those out of old flannel receiving blankets, I don’t even bother sewing anymore, I just cut them up, they fray a bit but not too much!


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