What do you know, I sew now…

I have been wanting a sewing machine for quite a while now. It was one of those things that when something would come up and would say to myself, “Oh if only I had a sewing machine” or “I need one, that seems like an easy project” . The most recent one being just about when this story began, a few weeks ago. Don’t be fooled, however, I did not know how to sew. My sewing skills consisted of a few hand stiches and sewing on a button. It was purely a dream, one of the many I have.

I’ve been making some changes in the past few months in my house, I’m trying to minimize the chemicals we apply onto our bodies like lotions, soaps and all that. So I had this wonderful idea that I would start using cloth wipes with my daughter, the only problem they’re expensive to buy so I was going to make them myself out of old flannel baby blankets. Great idea, but I still didn’t own a machine! 😉

Well, friend, my wish came true a few weeks ago!  I was going to be brave enough and make the cloth wipes using my mom’s machine and she says she recently bought another one at a flea market, and it was in perfect working order. Then as if to herself she says “I could give you that extra one…” I am not going to lie, my eyes lit up like a puppy waiting for food, if I had a tail, I would have been wagging it, too.

So that was that. She gave me the machine and I have found a new love! My first project were a few wipes, but I got  ambitious and quickly moved to another one. It was a (super cute) purse for the bundle.




As you can see, the overall process was messy, but the end result was awesome!


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