A couple of weeks ago we went up to the mountains to visit the hubby’s sister and her husband. It was a multi-purpose trip, we wanted to visit with them, play in the snow and count it as our anniversary trip. We did visit with them and had a pleasant time, but we didn’t get much play time in the snow because it was mostly ice. We also didn’t take our sled with us and I was very upset because we could have at least done that. On our way home we took a different route than the one we had taken there. It was a very scenic, smaller road, we loved it. It was also a longer way home and the bundle was getting restless, so we decided to pull over and finally have some snow-play!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a new activity we came up with:


When you don’t have a sled, use you bum 😉

She loved it!

Then, of course, the time to continue our journey home came too soon.



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