I started a little herb garden. I love the the idea of being able to use fresh herbs for cooking. I planted oregano, mint, basil and parsley so far. I had them outside under our porch because it hasn’t been too cold for them and I didn’t think they would get enough sunlight if I moved them indoors. Well, a combination of neglect and cold temperatures have hurt my beautiful little plants! Only my parsley is still going strong.


We’ve had a very warm winter with temperatures reaching up to the low 70’s during the day, but I think it got a bit to cold for them at night. And of course neglecting them of water for a few days also hurts.

My little herbs, I apologize. I will see if I can revive you.
I moved them to a different spot, hopefully they will not get too cold there. I plan on planting more, but I really need to be committed if I want to enjoy delicious meals with freshley picked herbs!

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